Terra Virtua

Its time! Everyone who mined a vFlect card from MEME can now get their fully animated, 3D vFlect in Terra Virtua! MEMEFlects, MEMEBot and MEMEBorgs are ready for their new homes !

How do I get my MEMEflect?

Its really simple!

  1. Sign up on Terra Virtua using the SAME wallet you are holding the MEME vFlect card in.
  2. Email support@terravirtua.io with your Terra Virtua username, and what card you own.
  3. We verify you own the card
  4. We drop the vFlect into your account which is linked to that wallet (can take a few days)
  5. We’ll be starting the allocations off from Monday 28th June and will run the cycle every two weeks, with MEME drops on Monday and Friday.

Thats it! Share the most creative AR MEMEflect scene on Twitter and tag @terra_virtua!

Our favourite gets a free NFT!