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The NFT space has been exploding since TVK launched and the team at Terra Virtua have been busy since their successful Godzilla vs. Kong launch. I caught up with their CEO, Gary Bracey, to share an update with the TVK communities.

Note: I’ve edited some of his answers for grammar and context.

How successful was the Godzilla vs. Kong launch?

We believe it was a resounding success. The prices for Godzilla vs. Kong digital collectibles ranged from around $50 right up to $5,000 and most of the inventory sold through.

Since the Godzilla vs. Kong launch there has been huge hype around NFT in general, what impact has this had on TVK?

Godzilla vs. Kong was launched around the time of the ‘NFT Hype’ and so we suffered a little from some of…

We are excited to announce the first stage of Terra Virtua Prestige! From today all TVK holders can stake their TVK to enter a world of rewards. The prestige community will truly be our ‘core’ and will benefit from the support and energy they provide to the community.

From today (31st August) you can pick your tier and stake your TVK. Your membership clock starts ticking from the day you join. The longer you are a member the more bonuses you earn (more details on bonuses soon)!

Anyone who joins in the next 60 days will get a ‘founders’ vFlect, a design which we will never repeat.

We envisage Prestige as a club which will grow and evolve, based on community feedback, growth, and changes in the digital collectibles space in general.

To use prestige you simply need to do the following:

  1. Install Metamask and connect it to…

We are excited to announce the launch of our first liquidity mining product! Our Liquidity Mining product is unique, as it allows users to provide liquidity through a number of different protocols, starting with Uniswap.

Starting on July 30, we will incentivize those users who add liquidity to the TVK/ETH trading pair with an initial APY of 500% through our new Terra Virtua Defi platform using defi terminal from AllianceBlock

We want to add value to our NFT ecosystem at every level, and giving extra rewards for TVK holders is a big part of that plan. Our liquidity mining program will to ensure that Terra Virtuans have enough liquidity on a decentralized exchange.

Participants will be entitled to the regular 0.3% exchange fee provided by Uniswap, plus they will receive TVK token rewards for staking…

Earlier this week we introduced Terra Virtua Prestige, our exclusive loyalty club for TVK holders. Today we introduce Terra Virtua DeFi, bringing together our upcoming Liquidity Mining, Staking and Farming Mechanics!

NFTs are unlocking a whole host of innovative mechanics within the DeFi space, be through art, collectibles, or other digital assets. This space is developing rapidly, and as always we want TVK holders to be at the forefront.

TVK holders will be able to benefit from native staking, yield farming and liquidity mining, all from the Terra Virtua platform. We will soon be announcing some new partnerships and our first liquidity mining rewards program!

We also today are excited to announce we will be working with Dafi Protocol to create a new type of staking, which will be rolling out…

Terra Virtua is on a mission to turbo-charge fandom, and we’re excited to announce the evolution in the utility of our Kolect token (TVK). Welcome to Terra Virtua Prestige — our official club staking programme that lets you earn more.

Opening up a whole world of privileges, experiences and opportunities — we’re excited to tell you about Terra Virtua Prestige and how it works!

Prestige will maximise the permissionless nature of blockchain whilst retaining the ease of use that we are known for.

It is extremely important for us that our users don’t need to leave Terra Virtua to do more with their TVK. We know that some of our competitors make you leave their platform to stake on Uniswap — and then stake the liquidity token to get benefits. Not in Terra Virtua Prestige. Prestige is fully onchain, meaning you can lock in your TVK directly from our website. Simply sign the metamask transaction to unlock your membership tier.

Prestige is composed of four tiers allowing accessibility for every different type of user. …

We are excited to announce that all vesting for tokens which were sold in 2018, Seed, Private 1, Private 2 rounds is now complete.

This milestone means there will be no new weekly emissions of TVK to investors. Reaching this point is a great milestone and naturally decreases sell pressure from since the supply in the market will no longer increase.

The current circulating supply (number of tokens circulating in the market/general public’s hands, not controlled by the team) of TVK is now 434,102,716 TVK. For our most up to date market cap and circulating supply you can check Coingecko here

You can see the table below from our previous tokenomics document. The rows highlighted in green are fully distributed.

Its time! Everyone who mined a vFlect card from MEME can now get their fully animated, 3D vFlect in Terra Virtua! MEMEFlects, MEMEBot and MEMEBorgs are ready for their new homes !

How do I get my MEMEflect?

Its really simple!

  1. Sign up on Terra Virtua using the SAME wallet you are holding the MEME vFlect card in.
  2. Email support@terravirtua.io with your Terra Virtua username, and what card you own.
  3. We verify you own the card
  4. We drop the vFlect into your account which is linked to that wallet (can take a few days)
  5. We’ll be starting the allocations off from Monday 28th June and will run the cycle every two weeks, with MEME drops on Monday and Friday.

Thats it! Share the most creative AR MEMEflect scene on Twitter and tag @terra_virtua!

Our favourite gets a free NFT!

Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with CasperLabs to offer users verified authentication of physical assets they own or purchase using the Casper Network. Casper’s secure and decentralized approach adds a layer of trust for consumers, and verification of physical assets using NFTs in our immersive environments is an exciting new real-world use case.

Casper’s global footprint continues to grow and makes it a perfect partner for Terra Virtua which already has operations in the US, UK and Asia. …

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Polkalokr. Polkalokr is restoring trust & simplicity to complex token ecosystems by creating a multi-chain token escrow platform.

Polkalokr is restoring trust & simplicity to complex token ecosystems by creating a multi-chain token escrow platform that puts token distribution into the hands of network participants through governance-as-a-service. We offer two innovative solutions: Lokr, the most versatile, multi-chain token escrow in the world, and Swapr, a P2P cross-chain token swapping protocol.

This partnership signals Polkalokr expanding into the world of NFTs. Through this collaboration, Terra Virtua will provide the NFT’s for Polkalokr Staking rewards.

How Polkalokr fits into the NFT landscape

With the rising popularity of NFTs, we can now begin to see opportunities where museums, art galleries wish to display highly coveted, famous works of…

After 19 active COVID cases in our development studio (including our Head of Art, Head of Development and Head of Production), February was a month of disruption. Before we talk about the update, a big shout out to the team for rallying around and keeping everything moving. Everyone is back on their feet and thankfully no serious cases involving hospitalization.

And the guys who insisted on working from home even when sick — it’s madness, you should NOT have, but unbelievable dedication and we thank you for it!

In summary, we had to re-prioritise in Feb/March to an extent, with multiple hack attempts, with people seeing if they could knock out our infrastructure. So a lot of resources were spent on reinforcing our security and working with whitehat hackers in covering multiple cases. …

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